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Jason Whitlock: How Deion Sanders Turned Colorado Football Into a Circus

Jason Whitlock: "I get this one all the time: ‘YOU HATE YOURSELF, JASON!’... Because I criticize Deion? Because I tell you what’s really going on? Maybe I do that because I actually love Black people and want us ahead of the conversation, and want us pursuing TRUTH, pursuing values, and modeling behavior that consistently leads to progress. Maybe there’s a group of people who want Black people completely uninformed, and completely modeling behavior that leads to failure. I don’t want war with Deion Sanders. I would prefer that Deion unblock me from Twitter and watch this show instead of calling up like a little baby ‘I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT! JASON HATES ME!’... I would prefer him take this constructive criticism and apply it to what he’s doing as a coach. But he has no interest in that like most people have no interest in that. Because he doesn’t want to do what’s difficult. He's been brainwashed by his success as an athlete and thinks that all of that applies to the coaching world... and it doesn't. Deion was blessed in the womb with remarkable talent and it made the details of football completely irrelevant, so he doesn’t know how to share the details with someone less talented than himself, which is 99.999% of all football players. He doesn't know how to share with them or create an environment where they can grow, develop, and become the best versions of themselves. THAT’S what’s going on at Colorado. When Lil Wayne is leading you out of the locker room, when your sideline is filled up with Offset, and every other rapper and celebrity you can think of -- you wonder why your team is distracted? You wonder why they lead the country in penalties? You wonder why there’s no focus and no consistent effort? You’ve invited the circus to your sidelines and your locker room. You got rappers giving pre-game speeches and rapping in the locker room, and you wonder why your team is a hot mess when it comes to discipline? You don’t need to be any type of expert to recognize the kind of chaos Deion invited into his football team. You need to take the racial blinders and the celebrity worship blinders off and just evaluate what’s going on, and don’t be mad at the person that’s telling you 'HEY MAN, THIS WON’T WORK.'" (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV's Fearless detail Deion Sanders' free fall at Colorado after a tantalizing 3-0 start to their season was met with six losses in their last seven games.

At one time ranked 19th in the country and the talk of college football, Coach Prime's Buffaloes are now the worst team in the Pac-12 and still the talk of college football, but this time as punchline.

Included in Colorado's fall from grace was a 36-point loss to Oregon in which they were out-gained 522-199, a 7-point loss to USC that was close by score only that saw Caleb Williams throw for six touchdowns in less than three quarters, and a double-OT loss to a one-win Stanford team that was trailing Colorado 29-0 at the half.

Colorado's season-opening road win over National Championship runner-up TCU, which had originally been a legacy-defining win for Sanders, has lost almost all its luster with the Horned Frogs now a pedestrian 4-6 team tied for second-to-last place in the Big 12.

The other three opponents Colorado has beaten -- Nebraska, Colorado State, and Arizona State -- are a combined 12-18 and all three of them are in danger of missing bowl games.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock explains how Sanders torpedoed his team's season and exposed himself as a bogus leader ill-equipped to be coaching in the Power-5.

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