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Rob Parker: The Real Reason So Many NBA Fans Want Nikola Jokic to Fail

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Watch Fox Sports Radio hosts Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss the Nuggets vs. Timberwolves second round series with former NBA player Antonio Daniels, and talk about the unfounded disdain among fans and former players that was radiating towards Nikola Jokic and the defending champion Nuggets after Denver had lost the first two games of the series.

Check out the segment below as Rob details his theory on why NBA fans and former notable players straight up don’t like Jokic, and want him to fail in these playoffs as soon as possible.

Antonio Daniels: “There is a difference between saying ‘Denver is going to lose’ and writing off Jokic. Do you know how many people called into our SiriusXM show when Denver was down 0-2 and called Nikola Jokic 'overrated' and said this Denver Nuggets team was overrated? That they 'knew' he wasn’t this good and he had an easier run last year in the playoffs? They tried to discredit him. This is the funniest and most frustrating thing about covering the playoffs – is the fact that the narratives change so quickly. Now the phones stopped ringing.” 
Rob Parker: “The vibe that I got, the reason people were so quick to give up – you just talked about it – they won a championship and right away they lose two games and they were waiting...this is just what I feel, there is no math to this...they don’t want him to be the best player. They would rather him NOT be the best player.” 
Chris Broussard: “Why?” 
Parker: “Because he doesn’t fit in with everything that’s the NBA. This guy comes over and treats this like a nine-to-five. Like he’s over here, he’s working, he can’t wait for the season to be over, he can’t wait to go back to his homeland and play around with his horses and live that life. He’s not a part of this. He doesn’t care about this stuff. He’s not wrapped up in social media and beefs with other people.” 
Daniels: “If they don’t want Jokic to be that guy, who DO they want to be that guy?” 
Parker: “They want Ant-Man! They were hoping against hope that this guy who won one playoff series in his life and was up 2-0, that they were ready to stay. I’ve seen it before, ‘OH, DEVIN BOOKER, HE’S THE NEXT KOBE BRYANT!’... They were up 2-0 in the Finals against Milwaukee. ‘OH, CHRIS PAUL IS A TOP 5 POINT GUARD WHEN HE WINS A CHAMPIONSHIP!’... This is what people do, and if they could discard Jokic, they would. If the Joker wins back-to-back championships and three out of four MVPs, I don’t know how we can’t consider him to be a top 10 player [of all time] when you think about the other players who are out there now, to be able to do this without another All-Star or First-Team NBA player on your squad.” 

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