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Nick Wright Says This Perennial NFL Bottom Feeder Can Reach the Super Bowl

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Watch FS1 ‘First Things First’ host Nick Wright join Colin Cowherd on The Herd to discuss which perennial NFL doormat could become a dark horse Super Bowl contender this season. 

Check out the segment below as Nick raves over the potential of marquee first round rookies Caleb Williams and Rome Odunze starting something special in Chicago. 

Nick Wright: “I think the Bears are potentially going to be excellent. My only concern for the Bears and for Caleb was ‘what if the Bears get off to a poor start?’ Because Caleb’s last season at USC ended poorly, there are still some people in the locker room who really like Justin [Fields], and if the first game of the season Green Bay cracks you like they do every year, then you have the Niners in Week 2 and Caleb is looking flustered -- could it snowball?  
But instead, it’s the opposite. Of the seven teams with the lowest win projections in football, they play FIVE of them in their first nine games. So they have an excellent opportunity to start 6-3 or 7-2 – Caleb feeling confident, momentum growing, Odunze getting better, Caleb getting better, and Caleb not really being a rookie by the time they play all their divisional games. All their divisional games are in Week 11 and on.
This is not my official prediction but I’m flirting with the take and considering buying it a drink and asking how long it’s in town for! I don’t know why the Bears can’t win the NFC. We saw Russell Wilson go to the Divisional Round as a rookie, we saw CJ Stroud go to the Divisional Round as a rookie, Andrew Luck and RGIII made the playoffs as rookies, Big Ben made the conference championship game as a rookie, this team last year won seven games with BAD quarterback play, was a top 10 defense once they got Montez Sweat, added Rome Odunze, added Keenan Allen, slightly upgraded the offensive line, and I think Caleb will instantly be above-average and eventually be excellent.  
Unless you think the Niners are going to do something only Tom Brady has done in the last 30 years, which is lose a Super Bowl and then get back to it next year, then who do we got? I like the Packers but they were also a 9-8 team last year that looked amazing against one Cowboys team that fell apart. The Lions kept the same team and just paid the guys more. The Eagles the last month of the year were the worst team in the NFL. I like the Rams a lot but you’re worried about Stafford’s health. It’s not the AFC where you go four-wide with legitimate Super Bowl contenders. It’s the Niners with a question mark at quarterback, and then a lot of good teams.  
Could the Bears get off to a hot start, could Caleb be feeling himself, could Caleb for the first time in his football life be like ‘OH, I DON’T HAVE TO SCORE EVERY POSSESSION FOR US TO WIN A GAME?!’... So, I like the Bears a lot this year.”

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