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The Celtics Are an Ugly Team

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Rob Parker: “It’s not pretty. I can understand their past history and just the way that things have happened and we’ve seen them play down to their competition sometimes, games where they should win... there’s a lot not to like. It’s like a pig Chris, this isn’t pretty but guess what? When you cut it open, I can have pig feet, I could have bacon for breakfast, there’s a lot there, there’s a lot delicious there. I could have a ham for Easter. There’s a lot there Chris, if you cut the pig open and enjoy it and that’s what the Celtics are... everything is not gorgeous, everything is not beautiful, everything is not a work of art, the Celtics are not that but guess what? They win at a high rate.”

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker of The Odd Couple explain why the Celtics style of play isn’t pretty but very effective. Listen to the full segment below!