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Bronny James Isn’t the “Next” Anybody

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Bronny James will forgo his college eligibility and stay in the NBA Draft in the hopes that he can play with his father LeBron James. Dan Patrick understands that the hype surrounding this year’s draft will center on Bronny despite the fact that he is nowhere near the best player available because there just isn’t as much interest in the top players. He isn’t the next LeBron or MJ, but that won’t stop the media machine from creating unrealistic expectations.

Dan Patrick: “I hope (Bronny James) gets an opportunity to just play. It’s not going to happen, but this is the father in me and this is somebody with 40 years of experience of witnessing all of this, in all of these sports, where this guy is the ‘next.’  And I always say no, no; nobody’s the ‘next.’”