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Colin Cowherd Calls Out Caitlin Clark's Critics After Her Olympic Team Snub

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Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd call out the United States women’s basketball team for leaving Indiana Fever rookie star Caitlin Clark off their roster, calling it a ‘wasted opportunity’ and the actions of a spiteful committee with ‘historically low self-esteem.’

Check out the segment below as Colin mocks all of Clark’s critics in the media, saying there’s no need to lecture us about your knowledge of basketball while also ignoring the nuanced discussion of how valuable Clark’s starpower would be to a historically irrelevant women’s Olympic team.

Colin Cowherd: “Caitlin Clark is not one of the top 12-15 WNBA players and did not make the Olympic team. Christian Laettner was not one of the top 100 players in the NBA, and he made an Olympic team. Jaylen Brown is not on this Olympic team; he’s one of the top 15 NBA players. Diana Taurasi is not one of the 15 best players in the women’s game; she’s making the team. Olympic basketball teams, both men and women’s, have been subjective and very political at the end of the roster. Isiah Thomas didn’t make it—why? Michael Jordan didn’t like him. To me, it feels like an opportunity wasted.
The WNBA Finals had 700,000 viewers. The Draft that included Caitlin Clark had 3x as many. Like a Tiger Woods or Conor McGregor in their prime, I would make the argument that Caitlin Clark will make other people money beyond herself. A rising tide lifts all boats. Instead of getting 7 million viewers, you’ll get 14-18 million viewers with Caitlin Clark, and maybe more. The 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th best player on the women’s Olympic team would make six or seven figures in endorsements. The women’s basketball team does not lose in the Olympics. I think they’ve won seven straight golds. You probably didn’t know that because you didn’t watch... and you would [with Caitlin Clark]. Life gives you so few big waves. When they do, grab your surfboard, she’s here for you. Bryce Harper, Tiger Woods, Conor McGregor... Caitlin Clark. 
I’m hearing all this rigidity ‘I KNOW WOMEN’S BASKETBALL! I’VE COVERED THE WOMEN’S OLYMPICS! NOBODY KNOWS IT LIKE ME!’... Oh, God, you sound like an old baseball writer. Stop being precious, stop being rigid, stop telling us how much you know. Here’s what I know... The WNBA is now flying chartered flights. Caitlin Clark would triple the TV ratings. 
Women’s basketball feels like it’s suffering from spite or historically low self-esteem where they wanna prove that they know more than you do. Well, here’s what I know... Caitlin Clark would make all the other women on the Olympic team MONEY. She’d make them more famous, she’d give them more opportunities, they’d potentially become more household names. It’s not just about Caitlin Clark, and in fact, I’d argue it’s very little about Caitlin Clark. It’s an opportunity wasted.  
You go ahead and lecture us about how you know the game and you’ve covered the Olympics... Good for you. But some stuff is Business 101. This is a layup and you blew it. It’s not a 360, it’s not a no-look pass, it’s not beating the Celtics, this was a layup and you bricked it.” 

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