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Jason Whitlock Says 'Racists' Are Jealous and Envious of Caitlin Clark

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Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain the root behind the bizarre league-wide disdain towards Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark, as what should have been one of the most celebrated rookie seasons in sports history has turned Clark into a polarizing lightning rod of friction.

Check out the segment below as Whitlock calls out the culprits behind the apparent anti-Clark movement, saying that ‘racism’ and ‘jealousy’ is the reason why Clark has been met with such resentment.

Jason Whitlock: “I want to play you a clip of Las Vegas Aces star A’ja Wilson caught in a conversation with Kelsey Plum. They're caught in a conversation on a hot mic talking about Paige Beckers, and basically to me it spells out that if Caitlin Clark wants to be treated well, she's got to bend the knee to ‘Black Lives Matter’, the whole Black feminist movement, and the whole ‘Yas Queen’ movement the way that Paige Bueckers does: 
A’Ja Wilson: “As Black women, Paige Bueckers reminds me a lot of you [Kelsey Plum]. Like you say ‘it’s not really about me’. She knows how her privilege has gotten her to that point, and also like, she’s good at basketball, obviously. Like, she understands her privilege. It’s like what pushes her over the top in a sense. It reminds me a lot of you. I mean, that’s a compliment.” 
Paige Bueckers ‘understands’ that you have to worship Black women and give praise to Black women in order to be accepted within the WNBA. That's what A’ja Wilson means by saying ‘she understands her privilege.’ A’ja Wilson is in this delusional state where she has no idea, no understanding, no self-awareness about the privilege SHE has and is executing.  
These women are not accountable for anything. They can say and do anything. If they're angry and lash out violently or physically, ‘OH, DIDN’T YOU SEE WHAT THAT WHITE GIRL DID TO PROVOKE IT??’... You can beat a little teenage White girl nearly to death in St. Louis in a fight and there will be people rallying to say ‘WELL, THE LITTLE WHITE GIRL THREW THE FIRST PUNCH! THE FACT THAT THE OTHER GIRL BEAT HER HEAD INTO THE CONCRETE SEVERAL TIMES, WE CAN’T HOLD HER TO THAT STANDARD! THE LITTLE WHITE GIRL THREW THE PUNCH FIRST! ANYTHING THAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT IS JUSTIFIED!’... If you see a Black person beating up a White person, a teacher, an authority figure... All the Black person has to do is say ‘WELL, THEY CALLED ME THE N-WORD! OF COURSE I NEARLY BEAT THEM TO A PULP!’... 
This really applies to Black women. They can't be racist, they can't be sexist, they can't be homophobic, they can't be anything. ‘WELL, OF COURSE THEY FEEL THAT WAY! THEY’VE BEEN ABANDONED BY THEIR MEN!’... It’s someone else's fault for everything, so there is no standard for Black women. They have the ultimate privilege, and that privilege is being weaponized against American society.  
Some people will interpret this as ‘OH, WHITLOCK DOESN’T LIKE BLACK WOMEN!...’ No, I don’t like women who demand that they be worshiped. I don't care what color they are. I'm not a part of this delusional movement that the worship of women is healthy for any culture. It is not. It's why we're in the trouble we're in. It's why we can't speak truth. Because we spend all of our energy worshiping women.
People are arguing that protecting Caitlin Clark is actually making things worse. The argument was made that ‘hey, all these guys, Charles Barkley and everybody else that are defending Caitlin Clark, they're actually making things worse and they're triggering these women. HEY, JUST HER TAKE HER ROOKIE BEATING! LET HER GET THROUGH IT AND SURVIVE!’... People just don't want to see her beat up. Sports fans want to see Caitlin Clark be successful. It's no different than sports fans wanting to see Michael Jordan be successful, or sports fans wanting to see Tiger Woods be successful. What's going on with Caitlin Clark is not unusual. 
People want to see history made, they want to see something unique and different. They fall in love with certain athletes that kind of have an underdog narrative, or they come from out of nowhere, or they're so excellent that they just want to see that level of excellence. Caitlin Clark sets all these records at Iowa, she leads a team to back-to-back NCAA Title games, she's the leading scorer in the history of women's basketball, she plays in a unique way that we haven't really seen from women, she plays like Steph Curry -- people want to see that be successful. What they DO NOT want to see is women beating up on each other like they're in a UFC Octagon. What they DO NOT want to see is women so out of control with their jealousy and envy -- and yes, a tiny bit of racism or maybe a lot of racism -- they don't want to see that on display. 
Sports aren't about that. Sports are about bringing people together. We don't want to see this level of ugliness. We don't want to see a bunch of lesbians beat up Caitlin Clark. We don’t want to see a bunch of heterosexual women beat up Caitlin Clark. We don't want to see women beating on each other. 
I know it's common place. There are some stats out there that say lesbian couples have the highest rate of domestic violence more than anybody. They have no control of their emotions, they have no control of their jealousy and envy, and so they turn very physical. Why do you think Britney Griner has had problems with law enforcement? But because she's ‘BLACK GIRL MAGIC!’, because she represents the LGBTQ+, no one talks about the fact that Britney Griner has had some problems beating up women. Can't talk about it, ‘BLACK GIRL MAGIC!’”

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