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Jason Whitlock Rips 'Bigots' on Olympic Committee Who Snubbed Caitlin Clark

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Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out the ‘angry lesbians’ on the U.S. women’s basketball Olympic committee who chose ‘bigotry over business’ in their controversial decision to snub Indiana Fever rookie superstar Caitlin Clark from the Olympic team. 

Check out the segment below as Whitlock says the head coach of U.S. national team, Cheryl Reeve, should be fired immediately, and that Clark’s rejection from the Olympic spotlight was more of a way to silence her and her loyal followers politically.

The NBA, who empowers and financially supports the WNBA, how did they get here? How have they been able to support a financially deficient league for 27 straight years? Why are these women now flying around on private planes? Because of sacrifices and men conducting business. They owe their entire league to the NBA. 
In 1992, the NBA was already successful thanks to Magic and Larry, and what happened in the 80s. But it wanted to take it to the next level so that it could be so profitable, and so powerful that it could later say ‘HEY, LADIES, NO ONE LIKES WOMEN’S BASKETBALL, BUT WE WILL PUT YOU ON OUR TEET FOR 27 YEARS’... How did the NBA get there? What decisions were made by men building up basketball internationally so American women could suck off the teet of men and say ‘LOOK WHAT WE DID! LOOK WHAT BLACK WOMEN DID! LOOK AT WHAT THE YAS QUEENS DID!’... You ain’t done nothing. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Allen Iverson, Isiah Thomas; they built the league that you’re standing on. The only reason why you exist is because of men. 
So what did they do in 1992 when they were trying to take their league to the next level? ‘Oh, we have to construct a dream team for the Olympics. we have to assemble a team that is highly marketable internationally to sell this game so that we can take our league and this business to the next level’. 
Did they get in a room and say ‘We gotta pick the 12 best players in the NBA’, or did they get in the room and say ‘We gotta do what’s best for business. We have to put together the most marketable team for the world to take our game to the next level.'
There’s a group of idiots running around saying ‘WHO YOU GOING TO TAKE OFF THE WOMEN’S TEAM TO MAKE ROOM FOR CAITLIN CLARK?? THEY WOULDN’T DO THIS IN MEN’S!’... In 1992, Larry Bird was at the end of his career, had major back problems, played like 40-45 games in the 1991/1992 season, and had to play limited minutes in the Olympics because his back was so bad. He was NOT one of the 12 best players. He was injury-riddled but he was good for the marketing of the game.  
Guess who else was good for the marketing of the game? Magic Johnson. Where was Magic Johnson in 1991/1992? He was out of the league with HIV. He wasn’t even playing competitive basketball but he was good marketing. The Dream Team was put together with marketing in mind because they were trying to build a business. A business so successful that a group of angry lesbians can run around and pretend like they’re professional basketball players, have a league, make a living, and now fly around private because of the sacrifices men made.
The men made a business marketing decision, that’s what men do. Men choose business over bigotry, and business over their emotions. It’s not what women do. It’s not in their history, it’s not in their nature.
The motley crew of five women who made this decision... Based on my research, three of those women are hardcore LGBTQ. The head coach of the team, Cheryl Reeve, she’s the head coach and President of the Minnesota Lynx. She’s married to a woman. If we go to Cheryl Reeve’s Twitter page, she’s been mad about Caitlin Clark from day one. Putting out tweets ‘#The'W'isMoreThanOnePlayer’... This is the head coach of Team USA. They need to fire her a** today. She doesn’t like Caitlin Clark. She's an Alphabet Mafia soldier, and she’s chosen bigotry over business. Dawn Staley is a bigot and everybody knows it. Most people think she’s LGBTQ. This is the Alphabet Mafia, and if you don’t join in with their line of thinking that Black women are the greatest creation in the history of America, and ‘BLACK GIRL MAGIC!’, and if you’re not on the Alphabet Mafia scissor team, and if you’re not LGBTQ, you don’t fit in. 
Here’s Caitlin Clark, who has said nothing and has done nothing inappropriate, but she’s got a boyfriend that she’s been public about, she went to a Catholic school, and her parents seem like ordinary American parents with ordinary heterosexual values... She hasn’t, like a lot of these women are forced to do, hasn’t come out and just been ‘OH, THESE BLACK WOMEN, I’M JUST STANDING ON THEIR SHOULDERS! WE SHOULD DO MORE TO FOCUS ATTENTION ON THESE BLACK WOMEN WHO CARRIED THE LEAGUE!’... She hasn’t come and kissed the BLM ring. She hasn’t kissed the LGBTQ ring. I’m not saying she won’t do it because, trust me, this is what this entire thing is about. It’s about breaking Caitlin Clark. They want her to kiss the ring. ‘OH, THESE BLACK QUEENS! OH, HOW MUCH I WOULD LOVE TO SCISSOR WITH BRITTNEY GRINER!’... That’s what they want Caitlin Clark to do. That’s what this group of bigots want her to do. She hasn’t done it yet so she can’t be on the Olympic team. There’s so much hostility directed at her because she won’t hop on board, so Diana Taurasi gets to go for her sixth Olympic ring and no one’s going to watch. 
This isn’t about winning. This is about Cheryl Reeve, Dawn Staley, and the rest of the BLM, LGBTQ Alphabet Mafia putting Caitlin Clark in her place.”

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