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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Caitlin Clark Was Barred From Olympic Team

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Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain the real reason why Indiana Fever rookie star Caitlin Clark was left off the U.S. women’s basketball team despite being the sport's most popular player, as Whitlock believes there is a much more ominous reason behind her snubbing.

Check out the segment below as Whitlock details how ‘angry lesbians’ leading the selection committee chose ‘business over bigotry’ and executed their mission in minimizing Clark’s limelight.

Jason Whitlock: "This motley crew of five women who made this decision... Based on my research, three of those women are hardcore LGBTQ. I don't have to name them, you can figure it out. The head coach of the team, Cheryl Reeve, she’s the head coach and President of the Minnesota Lynx. She’s married to a woman. If we go to Cheryl Reeve’s Twitter page, she’s been mad about Caitlin Clark from day one. Putting out tweets ‘#The'W'isMoreThanOnePlayer’, and 'ALSO in action, the Minnesota Lynx vs. Chicago Sky, though fans won't be able to watch...' This is the head coach of Team USA. They need to fire her a** today. She doesn’t like Caitlin Clark. She's an Alphabet Mafia soldier, and she’s chosen bigotry over business. That's what this is all about. Dawn Staley is a bigot and everybody knows it. Most people think she’s LGBTQ. This is the Alphabet Mafia. If you don’t join in with their line of thinking that Black women are the greatest creation in the history of America, and ‘BLACK GIRL MAGIC!'... If you’re not on the Alphabet Mafia scissor team and if you’re not LGBTQ, you don’t fit in. 
Here’s Caitlin Clark, who has said nothing and has done nothing inappropriate, BUT she’s got a boyfriend that she’s been public about. She went to a Catholic school, and her parents seem like ordinary American parents with ordinary American heterosexual values... She hasn’t, like a lot of these women are forced to do, hasn’t come out and just been ‘OH, THESE BLACK WOMEN! I’M JUST STANDING ON THEIR SHOULDERS! WE SHOULD DO MORE TO FOCUS ATTENTION ON THESE BLACK WOMEN WHO CARRIED THE LEAGUE!’... She hasn’t come and kissed the BLM ring. She hasn’t kissed the LGBTQ ring. I’m not saying she won’t do it because, trust me, this is what this entire thing is about. It’s about breaking Caitlin Clark. They want her to kiss the ring. ‘OH, THESE BLACK QUEENS! OH, HOW MUCH I WOULD LOVE TO SCISSOR WITH BRITTNEY GRINER!’... That’s what they want Caitlin Clark to do. That’s what this group of bigots want her to do. She hasn’t done it yet, and so she can’t be on the Olympic team. There’s so much hostility directed at her because she won’t hop on board, so Diana Taurasi at 42 years old gets to go for her sixth Olympic ring and no one’s going to watch.
They could take Caitlin Clark and do what the NBA did in 1992. 'Let's go out and market our league, let's go out and put the best face on our league on the team. We're not going to assemble the best basketball team, we're going to assemble the most marketable basketball team because we could send our fourth and fifth-best layer of players in 1992 and still win the Olympics.' The women have the exact same advantage now. America has invested so much money into Title IX and the empowerment of women that our soccer teams and our women's basketball teams are virtually unbeatable. It's even more pronounced with women's basketball. I think they're 70-3 in their last 73 games. They're won six or seven straight gold medals. It doesn't matter who we send over. They could send me and Aliyah Boston, and a few of these other hacks over there and we could win.
This isn’t about winning. This is about Cheryl Reeve, Dawn Staley, and the rest of the BLM, LGBTQ Alphabet Mafia putting Caitlin Clark in her place. This is what cannot be discussed any place else. All the discussions you're hearing every place else they're leaving out these facts. They're leaving out these central truths of what's driving this. But let's all ignore it because we have placed lesbians and gays on a pedestal. They are beyond reproach. They have more character and integrity than everybody else. You can't criticize the gays and lesbians. You cannot criticize Black women. 'OH, MY GOD, THEY'RE THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD! THEY SAVED DEMOCRACY! THESE BLACK WOMEN ARE JUST UNBELIEVABLE!'... Have you looked at what they're doing as single mama's raising the most uneducated, criminal group of kids in the history of America? Aren't you going to give them credit for that?
Sorry for being that honest but this isn't a skin color problem, this is a rejection of biblical values. This is a rejection of marriage. This is uncovered women -- and by 'uncovered' I mean unmarried women left to think for themselves and do for themselves. This is the kind of lunacy that you get. You have an easy layup decision. 'Hey, let's put Caitlin Clark on this basketball team. Let's go market the hell out of this league. Let's use Caitlin to put as much attention on A'ja Wilson and all these other players, and let's lift this league up so it's profitable.'... 'NAH, WE AIN'T GONNA DO THAT'... We'd rather be bigoted and continue to live off the backs of men, the charity of men, and then claim 'THESE BLACK QUEENS HAVE CARRIED THIS LEAGUE FOR 30 YEARS! DON'T YOU KNOW THAT WE OWE A DEBT TO THESE BLACK WOMEN AND ALL THAT THEY BUILT IN THE WNBA??'... Not one of these women have the integrity, the courage, or the honesty to say 'WOO! LOOK WHAT THESE MEN HAVE DONE FOR US! NO ONE EVEN LIKES THIS BASKETBALL BUT THEY KEEP PAYING US TO PLAY IT!'
All we've heard are gripes, complaints, 'WE'RE NOT BEING PAID ENOUGH!', and 'WE KNOW OUR LEAGUE LOSES MILLIONS OF DOLLARS BUT WE SHOULD BE FLYING PRIVATE!'... There's not one ounce of gratitude from any of these angry racial idolatrous lesbians. Some of you ain't lesbians but you live in fear of them, and you live in fear of the racial idolatry that runs your league that you might as well be lesbians. We've seen women run out of the league and go on record like 'wow, as a heterosexual woman, that place is really hostile.' No follow-up from anyone in the media.
We're going to continue to let the Alphabet Mafia destroy this league, and destroy relationships and a worldview that served us all. What you're seeing going on in the WNBA, and the treatment of Caitlin Clark speaks to what's going on in a larger society as we continue to install women in all the key leadership positions, and reject male leadership. It's delusion. They've chosen bigotry over business."

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