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Jason Whitlock Says ‘Bigoted, Angry Lesbians’ Are Sabotaging Caitlin Clark

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Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless called out the selection committee of the U.S. women’s national team for their ‘flaming bigotry’ of Caitlin Clark in their decision to omit her from the American team, saying that a group of ‘angry lesbians’ clearly told the world that they’d rather succumb to their bigotry than save their own business.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks the ‘Alphabet Mafia’ is targeting Clark, saying that they will not stop their assault on the rookie phenom until Clark ‘bends the knee to Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ.’

Jason Whitlock: "Who organized sports? Evangelical Christians did in the 1800’s around the world. They saw sports as a tool to build a biblical worldview. Evangelical conservatives: the YMCA – Young Men’s Christian Association. Then Catholic Youth Organization stepped in, CYO, and they were at the forefront of integrating sports. What would business make a Christian do? Let’s say you were a flawed Christian like most of us are... Let’s say you had some racial bias like most people do... Let’s say you’re fighting that with your Christianity, and the thing supporting that is capitalism and business. Someone would get involved with the National Football League and they would look out and say ‘Hey, I got some bigotry towards Black dudes, but man, this dude can play ball and can help my team’... Business will make you conquer your bigotry and say ‘Nah, I’m gonna do what’s in my best business interests and I’m gonna get to know Emmitt Smith, Ray Lewis, or Jim Brown because they can help me make money. I’m going to build relationships with them.' Then the next thing you know, the NFL, with all these 'racist' Evangelical owners, all their top players were Black. Through athletes showing talent and being 'valuable', forced people to say ‘Man, I gotta throw my bigotry away, this guy is helping me make money. I’m going to move past my bigotry because it’s in my business’ best interests’... And the next thing you know, all across football, basketball, and for awhile even in baseball, Black athletes were dominating, and they had great jobs that paid them a lot of money. That’s the foundation that all of these people are standing on today --- business taking a priority over bigotry.
Now let’s take a look at the WNBA. Let’s look at the crew of matriarchal, feminist, angry lesbians who are running women’s basketball. They’re faced with ‘Should I do what’s in my best business interest, or should I hold onto my bigotry and hatred of heterosexual White people and Evangelicals? Caitlin Clark may be in my best business interests, but I’m so bigoted, I’m so angry, and I’m so removed from forgiveness and tolerance, that I’ll choose my bigotry over business.'
Many athletes buy into all these narratives like ‘OH, GOD THESE CONSERVATIVES AND THIS OWNERSHIP IN THE NFL, THEY’RE ALL RACIST!’... What you’re looking at in the WNBA – THAT'S bigotry. That’s how you know someone is a committed bigot. When they’ll do what’s NOT in the interests of business and their pocketbook just to stand on their own bigoted values. ‘I’d rather be a bigot than rich. I’d rather be a bigot than make more money. I'd rather be a bigot than build a business that allows me to stand on my own two feet.'
This is bigotry unchecked and celebrated. Everything that they say Evangelical conservatives are, THEY actually are. I don’t know any conservative Evangelicals that would look at a blessing – Caitlin Clark to the WNBA – and say ‘nah, I don’t want that, I’d rather be bigoted.’ Every Christian conservative I know would be like ‘This makes good business sense, let me go throw Caitlin Clark on this team. She’s going to help me build this business, and by her helping me build this business it’s going to create opportunities for other women. We will be able to pay for private flights and be able to pay more players higher salaries.’ 
This is one of the biggest flaming examples of bigotry that we’ve ever seen. This isn’t me caping up for Caitlin Clark. She is not the best player in the WNBA right now, she’s the most exciting, she’s the one people wanna see. She’s Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was never the best singer, but he was the ‘thriller.’ He had the whole package. He was exciting. That’s what Caitlin Clark is. And you’re looking at the Alphabet Mafia reject her because she doesn’t believe what they want her to believe. She won’t come and kiss the ring. She won’t bend the knee to Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ. But WE'RE the bad guys?"

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