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Celtics Deserve All The Credit For This Year's NBA Championship

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Jason Smith: "What did we see this season? The best team front-to-back, beginning of the season to the end of the season, wins the title because they were deeper than everybody else they played, and it was on display in the Finals. That's it. It's that simple. The Celtics were the best team all season long. They were deeper than everyone else, and they were much deeper than the Dallas Mavericks. This was a great supporting cast, and this is why they won. Sometimes it's that simple. They were the best team and they put it on display in the playoffs, and you have to respect that."
Mike Harmon: "Joe Mazzulla and all the assistants rallied them, and this is what you saw. Absolute dominance from pillar to post. When they got rid of Marcus Smart, 'the sky was falling, everything was wrong,' and instead you see what Brad Stevens and that squad put together time and time again. They caught a break now and then, but this is also a testament to the training staff that these guys were ready to play."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Boston Celtics winning their 18th championship after beating the Dallas Mavericks in 5 games. The guys explain why the Celtics deserve credit for being the best, deepest, and most talented team in the NBA from the start of the season to ultimately winning the title, regardless of who was on their path throughout the playoffs.