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Jason Whitlock: Caitlin Clark Faces Hardships Not Being 'Black and Lesbian'

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Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless discuss a recent article in The Washington Post detailing how the WNBA is set to lose $50 million this season despite the league experiencing a monumental rise in attention and popularity, as Whitlock says that WNBA players are still in denial that they’ll never be a profitable league if they keep trying to suppress Indiana Fever rookie star Caitlin Clark. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock says that Clark doesn’t fit the ‘demographic’ of the old guard -- ‘she’s not Black and she’s not lesbian’ -- so a ‘delusional’ group of women both playing in the league and covering the WNBA in the mainstream media, will continue to minimize Clark out of sheer bigotry.

Jason Whitlock: “The Washington Post just published a story about the impact of Caitlin Clark, how their tv ratings are skyrocketing, and how people are just more interested and talking about the WNBA... But then they included this following paragraph about the financial situation going on in the WNBA: 
‘The WNBA is having one of the best seasons ever with viewership at an all-time high and attendance at a 26-year peak. Compared to last May, merchandise sales went up 756%, and League Pass subscriptions increased 335%, according to the league. And yet, the WNBA and its 12 teams are expected to lose a total of roughly $50 million this year, according to The Washington Post. The league is booming, but one great season isn’t going to fix its balance sheet. The WNBA’s revenue hasn’t historically been covering its losses. Back in 2018, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the NBA loses an average of more than $10 million a year on the WNBA. And this year and the next, the WNBA is digging an extra $25 million sized hole to add charter flights, something players have long said is a necessity for both health and safety.'
Let's let this soak in... THEY'RE GOING TO LOSE $50 MILLION IN THEIR BEST SEASON! And part of the reason they're going to lose $50 million in their best season is because they're paying $25 million in private flights for a group of people that don't need private flights. But they've whined and complained their way into flying private because they don't care. They don't want to earn it, they want to be given it. They don't want to make the sacrifices that men made to build up their sports league. They feel like they're owed a debt, and they're entitled. Gratitude is in short supply among feminists. Women are far less grateful than men. They're actually ingrateful. Their lack of gratitude is killing the WNBA even in its best year.
The Washington Post talked about how for 26-27 straight years the WNBA has lost money, and how the NBA has been financing the WNBA. MEN have been financing the WNBA. What business gets to fail 27 straight years and show virtually no growth for 27 straight years? Who gets to survive that? But that’s MEN feeling like ‘Hey, we gotta take care of these women’... Do we get the gratitude back or do we get ingratitude? They created the delusion that all of this is off the backs of these ‘BLACK GIRL MAGIC QUEENS!’, and these ‘YAS QUEENS!’... So anybody that comes into the WNBA, ‘YOU BETTER SHOW PROPER RESPECT FOR THESE BLACK WOMEN WHO PAVED THE WAY FOR YOU IN THE WNBA!’..
They've created an illusion that THEY did this – and are going to lose $50 million this year. They take no responsibility for that. And so we're watching this group of ungrateful, no gratitude-having women; they get a gift sent to them called Caitlin Clark. She is sprinkling magic all around the WNBA, making a sport that no one likes, likable and watchable. And instead of showing any gratitude towards Caitlin Clark, they have set out to destroy Caitlin Clark. 
This is what women do. We're looking at it in real time. You're looking at a big flaming example of the ingratitude that women have. Women have created this narrative, and their handlers, and the Marxists have created this narrative that ‘OH, MY GOD, IF IT WASN’T FOR THESE SEXIST MEN, WE WOULD HAVE BUILT THE FIRST AIRPLANE! WE WOULD HAVE BUILT THE FIRST COMPUTER IF IT WASN’T FOR THESE SEXIST MEN! WE WOULD HAVE BUILT THE FIRST CAR! WE WOULD HAVE BUILT TRAIN TRACKS ALL ACROSS AMERICA SO PEOPLE COULD TRAVEL OUT WEST! WE WOULD HAVE PAVED ROADS SO STAGE COACHES COULD TAKE ROADS OUT WEST INTO UNDISCOVERED TERRITORY, BUT IT WAS SEXISM! WE WANTED TO DO ALL THAT! WE WANTED TO BUILD SKYSCRAPERS! WE WANTED TO BE ROUGHNECKS AND FALL TO OUR DEATH WHILE BUILDING BUILDINGS! WE WANTED TO DO THAT BUT THESE SEXIST MEN JUST WOULDN’T ALLOW IT!... NOW, YOU SEXIST MEN THAT STOPPED US FROM INVENTING FLYING, AIRPLANES, CARS, TRAINS... AND DOOR DASH, YA’LL OWE US A DEBT! AND DAMN IT, IF WE’RE PARTICIPATING IN A SPORT THAT LOSES MONEY FOR 27 STRAIGHT YEARS, DAMN IT, YOU BETTER FLY US PRIVATE!’... And if a gift comes out of nowhere called Caitlin Clark, but she doesn’t fit the demographic that we want to celebrate – she's not Black and she’s not lesbian, we will destroy her rather than build up this league. There’s no gratitude here.” 

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