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Jason Whitlock Says Angel Reese is the 'Most Overrated Athlete in Sports'

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Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out Chicago Sky forward Angel Reese for her recent gripes about not being able to trust the media and them 'twisting her words', as Whitlock rips Reese for previously claiming that she ‘loves being the villain’, yet folding and playing the victim card when the media doesn’t fall over backwards in coddling her like they did when she was at LSU.

Check out the segment below as Whitlock calls Reese ‘perhaps the most overrated player in sports’, and a complete farce that is lucky to be receiving this much media attention at all as a Caitlin Clark ‘coattail rider.’

Jason Whitlock: "People on social media are ‘praying' for Angel Reese’s mental health because she’s cracking under the pressure. She got into it with a Chicago Sun Times reporter, gave him a bunch of one and two-word answers, and told him at one point that she ‘CAN’T TRUST NONE OF YA’LL BECAUSE YA’LL TWIST MY WORDS.’ So she’s backing away from the media and claiming some victim status, and everybody goes to social media like ‘WE PRAYING FOR YOU ANGEL! WE JUST HOPE YOU SURVIVE MENTALLY!’... Angel Reese wore Joker shoes, and at one point said she ‘embraced being the villain’... My issue with Angel Reese is she needs to get into an honest place. She doesn’t want to be a villain, she should quit trying to be a villain, and she needs to get off Caitlin Clark coattails and just play basketball and leave Caitlin Clark alone. Her mental health would improve. 
Angel Reese when she was at LSU and when she was at Maryland, the media who covered her basketball career, it wasn’t that they looked like her, but they were all champions of women’s sports. They were going to cover Angel Reese and the game in a certain way that they were always going to be trying to sell the women’s game, sell the women’s players, and put the best face on everything. She’s used to fawning coverage but now that Caitlin Clark has attracted others – like Jason Whitlock, like Dave Portnoy – and other people that cover and talk about sports. We’re not sitting around like ‘HEY, HOW CAN WE BUILD UP WOMEN’S BASKETBALL AND MAKE EVERY WOMEN’S PLAYER SOUND LIKE MOTHER TERESA AND THE GREATEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN?!’... So, she has stepped into reality now. It’s like a hot girl, she rarely ever gets told the truth. Then all the sudden she runs into a guy like ‘nah, I’m gonna tell you the truth,’ and she folds. ‘WE’LL, I’VE NEVER BEEN TREATED THIS WAY! PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY HOLDING ME ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT I SAY AND DO??’... If you want to sit there and say you’re also the reason why this audience is showing up, there are going to be people like me and others saying ‘well, I’m not really sure because without Caitlin Clark no one knows or cares anything about you, Angel Reese’...
Angel Reese is perhaps the most overrated player in all of sports and now people are putting together clips helping me make my points. She’s incredible unskilled. She was a great college player because she was taller and a bit more athletic than most of the players she faced. Now she’s in the WNBA facing equal competition and she’s getting exposed as really, really unskilled. That’s why she hates Cailtin Clark because Caitlin Clark is actually very, very skilled and Angel Reese has none. She’s an energy player, that’s it. She’s not a skilled basketball player, people are starting to point that out, and she’s not going to like it."

Reese ranks 2nd in the league in rebounding but is shooting just 38.9% from the field on the season, the lowest of any forward or center in the league, and has just 2 blocks in 14 games.

Here were Whitlock’s comments earlier the week about Reese being ‘one of the most unskilled player in the WNBA.'

“Angel Reese is arguably the most overrated athlete in all of sports. She is as unskilled as any player in the WNBA. She is awkward – and none of this gets talked about – look at the way she runs. Her lower body seems to be disconnected from her upper body. She’s incredibly unathletic. She has no skill, no post-game. Candace Parker I’m sure watches her and laughs and thinks like ‘THEY THINK THIS WOMAN IS GOING TO BE ME??' This woman is a rebounder and that’s it. She has no other skill, and that’s why she hates Caitlin Clark so much. If Charles Barkley or someone else would make that point, the world would melt. Anybody can watch her in the post and see how she just throws the ball up and a lot of times it gets swatted away."

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