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Jason Whitlock: WNBA Has Launched an Anti-Caitlin Clark Propaganda Campaign

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Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless discuss the ‘anti-Caitlin Clark propaganda campaign’ the WNBA establishment is currently launching to once again publicly minimize the significance of Clark. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock says the Clark-deniers are now pushing dubious and inconsequential Angel Reese statistical ‘accomplishments’ to try and distract you from the starpower Clark continues to augment and amplify -- as Indiana Fever games with Clark have broken viewership records on all six WNBA networks -- with Whitlock saying this WNBA 'double-double' record narrative being inauthentically spun around Reese is a last-ditch effort from jealous Clark critics to steal the Rookie of the Year award from Clark.

Jason Whitlock: “I want to describe the difference between ‘box score’ and ‘box office’, and it’s a very important distinction as it relates to the WNBA. The WNBA has a problem with ‘box office.’ They want to focus everyone’s attention to 'box scores' because they don’t like the person who’s bringing the 'box office', bringing the crowd, selling tickets, and driving television ratings. Caitlin Clark is ‘Box Office’. The WNBA has suffered from a lack of 'box office'. Caitlin Clark is clearly the most valuable player in the history of the WNBA, she’s clearly the best rookie the WNBA has ever seen, she’s clearly the Rookie of the Year in the WNBA halfway through, but now they want to point to you the ‘box score’, and ‘ANGEL REESE IS MAKING HISTORY! SHE’S GOT 10 STRAIGHT DOUBLE-DOUBLES! THIS IS A NEW RECORD!’.... ESPN is putting out tweets and posts, and ‘LOOK AT THIS, ANGEL REESE HAS MADE HISTORY! LOOK AT HER BOX SCORE! UNBELIEVABLE!’...
No one knows who had the record for nine-straight double-doubles -- no one cares. Who has the record even in the NBA? Do we have any clue who’s had the most consecutive double-doubles? It’s a distinction, it’s not a record. Angel Reese is someone that you check her box score, you don’t go to her games, you don’t watch her games. Did you see her shot chart in the fourth quarter when she was just rebounding all of her missed shots??

Steve Kim: “This Rookie of the Year race will be more contentious than the election in November. I know what they’re doing here with all this ‘double-double’ talk. The only time I talk about ‘double-doubles’ is when I’m at ‘In-N-Out'. The fact they’re doing this leads me to believe that there’s an agenda to make sure Caitlin Clark does not get that award.” 

Whitlock: “They’re going to try but at the end of the day the Chicago Sky appear to be a worse team than the Indiana Fever. Chicago is going to finish with 10-12 victories, and I think Indiana is going to have 5-8 more victories than the Sky. That’s going to be hard to overcome. Reality never sinks in with this group of people and their agenda, but this whole double-double thing, people are going to realize like – when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s record, we knew who Babe Ruth was, we knew who set the record, we knew who the standard was... When Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa chased down Roger Maris, we knew what the standard was, we knew who Roger Maris was... When LeBron James chased down Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, we knew who held the previous record... This thing is just made up. No one knows who had the previous record. This has never been a standard in the NBA. Guys average a double-double. When Russell Westbrook averaged a triple-double for the season, we knew Oscar Robertson was the last guy to do it. We’re just making this whole box score thing up and I just don’t know if that’s sustainable. 

Kim: “Based on the style of play and the caliber of finishing – or inability – of the WNBA in the paint, I would argue it’s much easier to get rebounds as a player of Angel Reese’s size and strength, than it is to get assists with girls who could not catch a cold buck naked in Antarctica. I’ve seen so many things on Twitter where Caitlin Clark will take two dribbles and just shoot a pass down the court to set up layups, and unless that ball is handed to these young ladies’ hands, they’re just dropping them all over. They’re not doing it on purpose, I just think they’re that uncoordinated and that unathletic. I think Caitlin Clark’s numbers to a certain degree are actually underrated based on her style of play. She doesn’t get the ball, she doesn’t get a lot of support, the coaching has been bad, and these guys are Edwina Scissorhands, they cannot catch the ball consistently.” 

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