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3 Factors That Push Zion Williamson Ahead of Top NBA Superstars

Zion Williamson is making the tv ratings meter rise in a major way. He's been an incredibly magnetic player in a way that extends far beyond his talent on the basketball court.

Zion and Duke come off quite possibly the biggest game of the weekend with Duke defeating UCF in the most dramatic way possible with the game being too close for comfort. It's Zion's finish on the inside and the and-1 that capped the game over UCF's giant 7'6 Tacko Fall who caused problems for Duke all night long. He managed to get a foul on Tacko which got him taken out of the game thus removing the thorn in Duke's side. Then UCF had two massive chances to steal the game back from Duke but failed.

Listen below as Colin Cowherd shares 3 factors Zion Williamson will bring to the table as he gets set to enter the NBA and possibly join the New York Knicks.

Zion is a Superstar Already