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Antonio Brown and the Adam Schefter VS Ian Rapoport Timeline

The flames between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Antonio Brown are even hotter than before from the perspective of conflicting news sources and the grim reality that Steelers really was considering sending Brown to the Buffalo Bills. To quote Doug Gottlieb, 'It's the equivalent of sending him to NFL Siberia.' The fact is, this trade was never going to go down as Antonio Brown, on the same night the news broke, called it 'fake news.' Of course, everybody would take Brown's word for it had it not been for the reality that the NFL's own insider made the announcement himself.

In fact, he was pretty confident.

By all accounts, the deal was close to being done.

Tom Pelissero got into the mix and brought up the idea that Brown could consider retirement if a deal like this were to happen.

Today, Adam Schefter dropped two bombs on Ian's parade.

Bomb #1

Bomb #2

Talks were apparently dead on Wednesday.

In conclusion from both sources:

Ian Rapoport said the following.

In conclusion, look to Antonio Brown for all the latest breaking news on Antonio Brown.