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Charles Barkley: Candace Parker Cannot Beat Me In Basketball

Charles Barkley, Candace Parker

Charles Barkley is a very confident man. Dan Patrick had on WNBA superstar, Candace Parker recently who claimed she could beat Charles Barkley in basketball. Considering she's in elite shape and a fantastic player, there's no question that she could realistically take on Barkley who is currently in a shape of some kind, just not one that could handle the rigors of driving to the basket or playing defense.

Dan Patrick asked if Barkley could handle Parker and he said the following:

Barkley: A woman can't beat me in a sport.
Dan: In Any sport?
Barkley: ANY SPORT!
Dan: Candace Parker would beat you one on one, Chuck.
Barkley: Dan, let's raise some money for charity. I love working with Candace. She's very talented, but a woman can't beat me in a sport! STOP IT! Candace Parker cannot beat me in basketball.

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