Chris Webber: Lakers Should Shut Down LeBron Until Next Season

Rich Eisen had on guest, Chris Webber to discuss the current turmoil surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers who have been hit with an unlucky string of injuries lately.  Most recently they lost Lonzo Ball to an ankle injury, and LeBron James has officially been out for a month. Webber thinks it might be best to consider sitting LeBron James for the rest of the season because the window of opportunity for a playoff run is shrinking, and it's no use wasting LeBron's energy to fight for last place in the Western Conference.

Watch Rich and Chris' conversation below.

Chris Webber on sitting LeBron James for the season:

The Lakers don't have any shooters...LeBron has always had shooters around him because he was a facilitator...It's about the talent that you have around him, and I think that if you win one championship in four years,  that's the story. This year doesn't matter in the narrative, to me, but to fans, I understand because if it were me, I'd tell him to shut it down right now.

No player, in the last nine years, has played more minutes than he has. No one has had the body of work...He's been to nine straight finals. What if he has to work harder this year than he's had to work to get to any final and they get the 8th seed and lose in 4 games. Are you happy with that?

If you want to see him win a championship...why wouldn't you rest him?

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