Cody Parkey Didn't Lose This Game, The Bears Lost This Game

There's a lot to take away from the Chicago Bears versus Philadelphia Eagles game that came right down to the very last field goal. Cody Parkey had a chance to seal the game in the final seconds, and on his first attempt at the final goal it was all good, however, the Eagles strategically called a timeout forcing the Bears to run the play again. Unfortunately for the Bears, their kicker could not repeat his first attempt and ended up having the ball rejected by the goal post. 

Bears fans and many others have certainly given Cody Parkey a beating for this blunder, but Dan Patrick wants to clear their perspective and have them take a look at the Bears as a whole. Patrick explains how this game should never have come down to the final kick had the rest of the team did their jobs. In the end, this whole team should eat the blame.

Listen Below.

Cody Isn't the Only One To Blame

Here's that tragic ending of the Chicago Bears Season below.