Criticism From the Media Doesn't Make the Patriots an Underdog

What have the Patriots overcome if they continuously live up to their reputation of winning, time and time again? Jason Smith certainly shares that sentiment. Should we be looking at the Patriots like they're underdogs? Mike Harmon feels we can see them as underdogs and thinks the narrative from the media has worked hard to point out that this team is suffering from age and fan fatigue all year. Listen to their discussion below.

Mike Harmon claims: 

They overcame YOU (Jason Smith), Rob Parker and the Millions.

Jason Smith thinks:

'Overcome' is something that happens that directly affects you trying to accomplish what you're accomplishing. People in the media giving their opinions about the Patriots is not overcoming the odds. What that is, is not getting distracted about what people say about you. That's different thant overcoming the odds.

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