Dallas Cowboys Play An Outdated Style of Football

After the Dallas Cowboys suffered an astounding 0-23 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Cowboys running back, Ezekiel Elliott spoke to the media in the locker room about what he felt about the outcome saying the following:

A loss like this was very much needed. It's better for us in the grand scheme of the season. I think we needed to be put in check. I think we needed a reality check. We needed someone to remind us that we still have a lot of ball left. Nothing's going to be given. We have to go out there and take everything.


Ben Maller's main issue with Elliott's post-game comments is that nothing's going to change for this Cowboys team. Maller sees the Cowboys roster as flawed and plays an outdated style of football. Maller also thinks that this game did more to show the limitations of their quarterback, Dak Prescott than how good the Colts actually are.

Listen Below.

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