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Dan Patrick on Charley Casserly's Criticism of Kyler Murray

NFL Combine - Day 3

Dan Patrick may hold the most awkward interview with Kyler Murray, and perhaps much of that awkwardness has followed the young quarterback prospect. His name has been in the headlines for what seems like forever dating back to when he had no clue which sport he wanted to play professionally. He had to be one of the few players in the history of football where it became breaking news that Kyler Murray was 5'10 because the 'football world' would have lost its collective minds if it were an inch or two lower.

Now we get the headlines regarding NFL Network's Charley Casserly's scathing criticism of Murray at the NFL Combine. Does it hold any weight? Dan Patrick thinks we all need to be a bit careful of much of the assessments coming out of the NFL combine including some of the possible agendas behind them.

Watch Dan's take on Casserly's comments.