Former Packers Coach Winston Moss Talks Aaron Rodgers' Leadership

After being unceremoniously ousted from the Green Bay Packers for the following tweet below:


(which came shortly after the Green Bay Packers Parted ways with their Head Coach Mike McCarthy) Former associate head coach, Winston Moss joined The Herd with Colin Cowherd to share the details of what happened in Green Bay. Moss on the tweet above:

"I felt as though it was taken out of context. The biggest issue I had was not being able to fully address it with the decision makers, teammates...I didn't have a chance to even say goodbye to the fellow coaches. That's the only regret I have. I don't have a regret about the tweet."

Here was Winston's response below to being fired which came several hours later on the same day.


Moss and Cowherd also discuss the leadership of Aaron Rodgers and Moss said the following when Cowherd when asked him if Aaron Rodgers is a great leader:

"You can look at Drew Brees, pre-game, you see him getting his teammates see Tom Brady high fiving his offensive line and going down to the defense saying 'get me the ball back.' You see Russell Wilson is so much of a spiritual influence and has such an energy about himself. With that being take that in comparison with Rodgers...(Moss begs Green Bay fans not to hate him for this) That's not Aaron Rodgers' cup of tea. You can't fault him for it. You have to embrace every guy individually, on an individual basis. 

If Aaron Rodgers chooses not to lead that way, can you really fault him? Do we want him to be more of a vocal leader? Absolutely...but if that's not his DNA then you need to find somebody around him that's going to be able to pick up where he's NOT lacking in, but whether he chooses not to be that type of leader or whether it's not in his DNA, then we all need to rise up and help him out."

Aaron Rodgers

The discussion continues as Moss and Cowherd discuss Packers not picking up Khalil Mack, if Rodgers was responsible for getting Mike McCarthy fired and if New England Patriots' Josh McDaniels is a suitable coach for the Packers going forward.

Listen to the full interview below.

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