Kevin Durant Was Right In Calling Out Fanboys Who Cover LeBron

Jonas Knox reacts to the recent interview Ric Bucher had with Kevin Durant in which Durant claimed the environment around LeBron James is so toxic that star players shy away from playing with him as a result. Knox is in full agreement, and says the following: 

"NBA coverage is like a reality show now to where you get worked up over the little stuff. It's no longer about what's going on on the court. That doesn't matter at all. The biggest stories in the NBA are 

  • Rondo fighting Chris Paul!
  • What did Jimmy Butler say to his friends in practice?
  • Who liked what Instagram post?
  • What did Draymond say to KD?

It is so over the top and LeBron James and the coverage for the LeBron James is right at the top of the list and it's disgusting!"

Listen to the rant below.

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