Kyrie Irving's Apology Was Also A Message to His Teammates

Colin Cowherd & Chris Broussard react to Kyrie Irving's mea culpa and what it means in regards to Kyrie's future in free agency. Irving's future has been in flux, and the possibility of leaving the Boston Celtics is not unrealistic. When he came out and decided to publicly note that he was apologetic for how things ended in Cleveland between himself and LeBron, Broussard and Cowherd have some questions about what this means for Irving's motivations going forward.

Broussard said the following regarding what he thinks is going on in Kyrie's head:

Here's what Kyrie has to ask himself and this could determine whether he will want to go back to play with LeBron or not.  "Do I want the responsibility of being the team leader?"

Broussard also offered what could be the thoughts of the Boston Celtics locker room.

The players in the Boston locker room have to be thinking when Kyrie says all this stuff, "Dude we were one game away from the finals without you. We know you're the best individual player here. There's no question about that, but as a team, we might be better without you." 

In regards to Kyrie publicly admitting to being apologetic to LeBron: 

For him (Kyrie) to do that type of mea culpa and admit, 'I called LeBron,' maybe he's saying, 'look, man, I just wanna ball.' And there's no shame in that.

Broussard breaks down Kyrie's potential options in free agency:

If Kyrie Irving wants the responsibility of being a leader he'll either stay in Boston, go to New York or Brooklyn. If he decides, 'I just wanna ball and win titles' then he can look at joining LeBron with the Lakers.

On the possibility that Kyrie reunites with LeBron James:

If Kyrie becomes apart of this iconic duo, (LeBron and Kyrie) and they win another championship for the Lakers or two, that's going to enhance his career much more than just being the number one guy, perennial all-star on a team that was always close but never quite won it.

Listen to this portion of Colin Cowherd's interview with Chris Broussard.

Here's the full video of Kyrie Irving speaking on apologizing to LeBron James.


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