LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Play Each Other One Last Time

In a close finish, the LeBron James led Los Angeles Lakers took the victory over Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat 105-108.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James Exchange Jerseys

LeBron and Wade have a friendship that reaches far before the"Heatles" ever formed which was responsible for the Miami Heat Big 3 coming together in the first place. 

Bosh, LeBron and Wade

Four years earning two finals wins out of four matchups against stiff competition from the one-hit wonder Dallas Mavericks, Kevin Durant and the Thunderous young Bucks, and two grueling years against the San Antonio Spurs where Ray Allen saved their season and ensured a second ring only for the following year to be a miserable failure.

LeBron, Wade and Bosh win BIG

LeBron then returned to Cleveland after learning from Wade how to win and managed to secure one ring for The Land. LeBron even managed to get Wade to play for the Cavaliers until the entire team was blown up mid-season.

LeBron and Wade on the Cavs

As Dwyane Wade intends to enter retirement following this season, we'll always remember the moment when LeBron James and Wade flipped the league on its head when they formed the "superteam." It was far from perfect and probably won't compare to what the Golden State Warriors are capable of but, there's no doubting the impact that this friendship has left on this league as a whole.

Here are some highlights from their final game on the same NBA court.


LeBron and Wade exchanged jerseys after the game.


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