LeBron James Has His Own Timeline Of Return From Injury

The absence of LeBron James has been felt to this Lakers team. While Los Angeles has always been the land of high expectations when it comes to winning, LeBron's health will clearly be his own personal priority and the timelines thrown out by the media or even the team is no reflection of what's truly going on. Rich Paul (LeBron's Agent) made this abundantly clear in an interview with 'The Athletic.' 

"We don't give a sh-- what nobody thinks or says," Paul said via phone. "We're going to do what's best for him. The best-case scenario was three weeks, the worst-case was six weeks, and we're right on schedule. He'll improve his workload, and he'll be day to day from there.

"Now day to day doesn't mean tomorrow or the next day (he'll be back). Day to day means that after each day of his workload, we'll evaluate it, and when he feels his best he'll play. However long it takes, it'll take. We're not on nobody else's timeline."

"Look, LeBron is in his 16th year, and he's a proven guy," Paul continued. "He doesn't owe nothing to nobody. When he's ready to be back, he'll be back. It's as simple as that. Until then, he's going to root his teammates on and try to help them as best he can."

This comes on the heels of a Lakers press release saying:

 LeBron James was evaluated by team medical staff and physicians today. James, who will not travel with the team on the upcoming two-game road trip, has been cleared to return to practice commencing next week, and progress towards a return to game play thereafter.

It's rather interesting that these contrasting status updates on LeBron James have been put out there. Colin Cowherd seems to think this could be an indication of turmoil between LeBron James and the Lakers franchise. 

We'll let you know if we have any further updates on this story.

LeBron James Suffers Groin Injury

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