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LeBron James Is Not in LA to Win. He's There for Hollywood.

Several NBA teams went through media day the other day, and one of the bigger storied teams was the Los Angeles Lakers who were more than happy to show off their newly acquired player LeBron James. During a press interview, LeBron James said the following about his decision to come to LA:

 "My decision was based solely on my family and the Lakers. I'm a basketball player. I play ball. That's what I do. That's what I live by, and when I do it at the level I do it at, everything else takes care of itself. As far as my business, those things have been taking care of themselves way before I even came out here."

Rob Parker thinks this is a flat out lie. Chris Broussard is not on board with Rob Parker's assessment of LeBron's motivations.

Listen Below.

LeBron James is Not in LA to Win