Bears Matt Nagy Recently Spoke With Former Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt

Matt Nagy addressed the media about having a recent conversation with former star RB for the Kansas City Chiefs, Kareem Hunt. Nagy had formed a relationship with Hunt back when he was the Chiefs' Offensive Coordinator. Nagy talks about how the conversation was mostly about catching up and unrelated to football saying the following:

"I talked to Kareem completely wanting to know how he's doing. And we had a good conversation."

When Nagy is asked about whether Hunt deserves a second chance he said the following:

"Me, personally, depending on certain people's situations, I'm a guy that has always been that. I've been kind of raised that way to give guys second chances."

Kareem Hunt's NFL season came to an abrupt halt when TMZ released the hotel footage of Hunt engaging in violent acts against a woman. He was reprimanded by the NFL and released from the Chiefs shortly after. 

Despite the loss of such a talented player Chiefs have made it all the way to the AFC championship and are set to face the New England Patriots this weekend. 

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