Nobody Should've Trusted Kawhi Leonard or Paul George in the First Place

The Los Angeles Clippers suffer a major defeat at the hands of the Denver Nuggets after putting Denver's backs against the wall. Clippers had a 3-1 lead in a best of 7 series and needed only one victory to send the young Nuggets home. Unfortunately, the Clippers are going home in a collapse of epic proportions, and the basketball world is left wondering how we got here.

LA Clippers may have boasted heavy talent but it didn't translate in the NBA Playoffs, leaving Jason McIntyre full of glee. He's been shouting down people left and right on FOX tv, radio, and social media and now he can rejoice in getting it right in the end. On the latest episode of Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre, he goes in on the inadequacies of the Clippers and talks in-depth about how he called this from the start.

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