Ryan Hollins On What Zion Williamson Needs To Succeed in the NBA

There's no question that Zion Williamson is a monster in every level of basketball that he's played and it's safe to say that he's more than ready for the NBA. There are some questions that Jason Smith and Ryan Hollins (filling in for Dan Patrick) address about the young prospect as he journeys toward the pros.

With the size that Zion has, Jason Smith wonders if he'll get that under control as he enters the league since conditioning will be incredibly important in a fast-paced NBA. Ryan discusses other factors to Zion's game and comes up with 2 things Zion will need to be successful. If he is able to hone both these things he can be a guaranteed Hall of Fame player.

Listen to what Ryan is referring to below.

Ryan Hollins Explains What Zion Williamson Needs to Succeed in the NBA

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