Terry Bradshaw: Prescott's Arm Is as Good as Brady and Brees' Arm

Colin Cowherd and Terry Bradshaw talk the NFL playoffs divisional round and give their thoughts on Tom Brady and Dak Prescott's performances.

Terry Bradshaw on people being tired of seeing the New England Patriots deep in the playoffs:

"I know when I played in the 70s, people get tired of you. I get that. But you have to respect and applaud the job they do and the fact that this time of year, they're relevant."

Colin thinks the Patriots have benefited from a bye week but wonders if they can duplicate their performance in a shorter week. Bradshaw says:

"I think, as a quarterback, when you've played for such a long time you are so comfortable. There is very little you haven't seen...When you get into games such as yesterday, against the Chargers, Tom is just comfortable. Never has been a great athlete but he is smart and there's no need for age to be a problem when you have all that experience."

When moving over to the subject of Dak Prescott, Colin Cowherd compares the Cowboys QB to Alex Smith, but Bradshaw disagrees:

"One of the things he (Dak Prescott) needs to work on is when he comes up from pressure is when you got guys wide open, get them the ball. It doesn't have to be a touchdown. But he's won me over. He really has!"

Cowherd maintains that Dak isn't a special arm talent and talks about the remaining quarterbacks in the playoffs listing Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Jared Goff. Bradshaw cuts him off saying:

"His (Prescott) arm is every bit as good as Brady and Brees...Mahomes is probably the only arm in the playoffs that he can't lock up with."

Listen to a portion of Cowherd and Bradshaw's discussion below.

Terry Bradshaw: Dak Prescott Misses Too Many Wide Open Receivers

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