Top 6 NBA Players Drafted Out Of High School of All Time

Chris Broussard brings us his Big Six EVERY week and this week he's focusing on the Top 6 NBA Players Drafted Out Of High School of All Time.

Listen Below.

6. Tracy McGrady - At one point McGrady was battling Kobe Bryant for the best swingman in the league.

Tracy McGrady

5. Dwight Howard - Beat LeBron James in the playoffs when neither of them had a second star including getting Orlando to the NBA Finals.

Dwight Howard

4. Kevin Garnett - One of the best leaders in NBA history. Loyal to a fault.

Kevin Garnett

3. Moses Malone - (ABA) - Apart of one of the greatest teams EVER that swept Magic and Kareem in the Finals.

Moses Malone

2. Kobe Bryant - Second best 2 guard behind Michael Jordan and second best Laker career ever behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Kobe Bryant

1. LeBron James - Only high school to pro-player in NBA history to play near an all-star level as a rookie.

LeBron James

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