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Watch For The New York Giants To Trade For Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen over Eli Manning

It's not necessarily a done deal that Josh Rosen's short tenure as quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals has come to an end but the speculation has certainly been lopsided in favor of it. It all began with Kliff Kingsbury (Pre-Cardinals Coach) saying he 'loved' Kyler Murray then the GM of the Cardinals recently saying Josh Rosen is their quarterback 'for now.' Sprinkle all the speculation and rumors flooding out of the NFL Combine and you may have yourself a tiny case in favor of Cardinals looking to ship away their quarterback before his sophomore year.

Jason Smith has seen enough to think that the Cardinals are done with the young quarterback and we should all look for the Giants to be the destination for Josh Rosen giving New York an opportunity to 'right the ship' from their decisions in the previous NFL Draft.

Listen Below.

Giants Are the Team For Josh Rosen