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Zion Is Not a Top 20 or Top 50 NBA Player Yet

From a Paul Pierce hot take where Zion Williamson somehow graduated from a top college player to a top 50 player followed by Colin Cowherd doubling down and promoting Zion to a top 20 player, Zion is influencing the minds of many, and it's not hard to get sucked in when you watch how he plays on the court.

Doug Gottlieb thinks this hype train needs to simmer down. The excitement of NBA teams tanking to get Zion has warped the reality of what Zion is in comparison to the talent of current NBA players. He may have such an immense value that he could be traded for an all-star, but he still stands untested by real NBA competition and thus looks like a man amongst boys at his current level.

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Zion Is Not a Top NBA Player...Yet