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2 Pros and a Cup of Joe

2 Pros and a Cup of Joe

All-American football stars & 1st Round NFL Draft picks LaVar Arrington and Brady Quinn along with Jonas Knox start the day with informed, outspoken,...Full Bio


Cowboys Closed the Coffin on the NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys

Photo: Getty Images

Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to the Cowboys crushing win over the Eagles on Monday Night Football, but while Jonas and Brady think the Cowboys have cemented their spot at the top of the NFC East, LaVar sees promise in Jalen Hurts and the Eagles.

Jonas Knox: "You can go ahead and close the coffin. The NFC East is dead and the Dallas Cowboys killed it. That division is done and the Dallas Cowboys are on to the playoffs and will host a playoff game because they are your division champs in the NFC East."
LaVar Arrington: "I don't buy it. Here's the thing. That was a shellacking by all accounts when you look at the scoreboard but Philly isn't far off. I know that Buffalo gave the business to Washington but Washington isn't far off... I just think it's too early to go far and away, running away with Dallas being the team that's going to get it in the East."
Brady Quinn: "I'm right there with Jonas. I will co-sign on this. The Philly offense could only score 14 points... I think they got some issues there where early on, I think we had an idea of what Nick Sirianni wanted to do with this offense and with Jalen Hurts. It has hit a brick wall... I think you look at Dallas last night, it was a great win. It was a dominant win. It was one that puts them in the driver's seat moving forward and I have a hard time with all the questions about the quarterbacks for these other three teams... It's safe to say the Dallas Cowboys have a formula that I think will continue to keep winning in some way, fashion or form and you're only getting one playoff team out of this division."