Someone Finally Convinced Matt Nagy to Start Justin Fields

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears

Photo: Getty Images

Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington try to figure out what changed in Chicago where Matt Nagy is finally comfortable backing Justin Fields as the starting QB going forward.

LaVar Arrington: "You know what somebody said to him, 'Hey, look here man, stop playing these games. I'm for real. I'm not playing around'"
Brady Quinn: "How bad is this then for Matt Nagy? Because this is one of two things. Either they're reassuring him, 'Hey, start the rookie. We'll be patient with you. We realize he's probably not where you want him to be, but let's just get this thing going.' Or he's so, I don't want to say in the doghouse, but at this point they're like, 'yeah, you're a lame duck head coach dude. We're taking over control. We're making the decision. We're starting Justin and we'll revisit you at the end of the season.'"
Jonas Knox: "I think he's clearly panicked about his job..."