Mike Zimmer Does Not Like Kirk Cousins

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings

Photo: Getty Images

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to the awkward exchange between Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins after their game-winning field goal against the Lions, and think it's painfully obvious the head coach can't stand his starting quarterback.

Jonas Knox: "Mike Zimmer does not like Kirk Cousins. I don't need to hear a damn word from Mike Zimmer afterwards. The way he reacted and the way he shoved Kirk Cousins away, I think he was annoyed with the fact that he not only got in his face, but also grabbed him and kind of roughed him a little bit."
LaVar Arrington: "And said something to him like, 'You like that Zimmer?! You like that!?' and he did not like him saying 'You like that.'"
Jonas Knox: "And Zimmer did not want to be touched and let it be known. It was great man."