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2 Pros and a Cup of Joe

2 Pros and a Cup of Joe

All-American football stars & 1st Round NFL Draft picks LaVar Arrington and Brady Quinn along with Jonas Knox start the day with informed, outspoken, fearless and often funny commentary covering the biggest sports headlines.


Dan Campbell is Trying to Bring "Grit" Back to the NFL

Detroit Lions Training Camp

Photo: Getty Images

Friday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to Dan Campbell's speech about 'grit,' which was cut into a promo for the upcoming season of "HBO's Hard Knocks: Training Camp With The Detroit Lions."

Jonas Knox: "I love Dan Campbell. Is he the definition of a meathead?"
Brady Quinn: "No. Here's the hard part. We start categorizing someone who's tough, who wants to help define what 'grit' is to a generation of people who probably don't know what it is. That's the reality, is the definition of 'tough,' it gets lost over time... It gets lost on kids nowadays. I listen to him and it's awesome that he's trying to bring that to the NFL. I just don't know if it's going to end up working in the end. I'll be honest."