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2 Pros and a Cup of Joe

2 Pros and a Cup of Joe

All-American football stars & 1st Round NFL Draft picks LaVar Arrington and Brady Quinn along with Jonas Knox start the day with informed, outspoken,...Full Bio


The New Fair Catch Rule is Bad for the NFL

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

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Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, LaVar Arrington, Jonas Knox, and Brady Quinn talk about the new fair catch rule that the NFL is taking for a trial run this year. Overall, while there are certainly valid safety concerns related to kickoffs, there are also many reasons why this change could be a negative. The game could lose some of its excitement and strategic elements as well as present fewer opportunities for special teams players to make an impact on the game.

Brady Quinn: "LaVar you know this, that extra ten to five yards, it may not seem like a lot to the people on the outside, but that's difference between you having to stop at additional first down. Like, that's the difference between a team potentially going for it on fourth down and a defense having to face four down territory verse three down and being able to get off the field. And those numbers add up obviously over the course of a game and over the course of a season.
This is taking it a step a little too far, even though it's in the best interest of player safety. Look, they're not going to get rid of the kickoff because otherwise, what the hell are going to call the start of the game? It's kind of been the most ceremonial thing ever. It's too much part of the game."
Jonas Knox: "At what point do you just accept the fact that it's a violent game and there's nothing you can do about it?"