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The John Ramos Show: David McLane

John Ramos interviews wrestling icon David McLane who is the beloved producer, ringside commentator, and match-maker of WOW – Women Of Wrestling.

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The John Ramos Show: David McLane

AXS TV’s “WOW – Women of Wrestling” featuring Founder, David McLane, makes its network debut on Friday, January 18, 2019 at 9:00 PM ETkicking off an exciting season that puts the spotlight on the legendary WOW Superheroes.


Wrestling icon David McLane is the beloved producer, ringside commentator, and match-maker of WOW – Women Of Wrestling. An avid wrestling fan, McLane grew up watching the sport alongside his brothers in their hometown of Indianapolis. He got his first taste of the industry as a teenager, when he launched the Dick The Bruiser Fan Club, selling various wrestlers’ autograph photographs through mail order. McLane ultimately caught the attention of The Bruiser, himself, and was brought in to work for the brawler’s local World Wrestling Association promotion. It was here that the seeds of his legacy would be sewn, as he learned the ins and outs of the business, honing his now-famous skills for promotion and marketing before becoming the company’s ringside announcer and commentator.

In 1986, after graduating from Indiana University, McLane would forever leave his mark on the world of professional wrestling as the creator of the groundbreaking ‘80s television series GLOW – “Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling”—the first all-female wrestling program in television history. Serving as ring announcer, play-by-play commentator, and owner, McLane guided the blossoming promotion to great success, amassing a passionate following and high syndication ratings, as he put the spotlight on the women who were often overshadowed in rival, male-driven, promotions. When GLOW took on more of a comedic angle, putting less focus on the competition, McLane sold his stake in the company and joined forces with ESPN, where he created and launched a variety of Made-For-TV programming for the sports juggernaut.

McLane’s journey would eventually bring him back to his original passion in 2000, when he founded and launched WOW – Women Of Wrestling. Like its predecessor, WOW was a ratings success—earning the distinction of the top syndicated program in the New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles markets. Though the series would lose its syndication following the devastating events of September 11, 2001, sending McLane back to his past role at ESPN, the motivated mogul never lost sight of his vision for the promotion.

In 2011, he began WOW anew, this time joined by Los Angeles Lakers owner, and esteemed businesswoman, Jeanie Buss. Together, they re-launched the property in syndication on the ABC Las Vegas affiliate to high ratings, developing a long-term strategy that would bring women’s wrestling back to television with the ultimate goal of crafting a digital experience that would reach a global audience. In addition to his roles as the producer of WOW, McLane is responsible for building the promotion’s compelling fight cards featuring singles and tag-team matches, and uses his signature voice and invaluable expertise to provide insightful ringside commentary.

The revitalized WOW represents the culmination of McLane’s 30 plus year mission to give women’s wrestling the international acclaim it deserves—putting the spotlight and a dynamic platform that celebrates athletic women of all builds, sizes, and races.  WOW, whose wrestlers are tagged, “Superheroes” are empowered and allowed to put their talents on full display in a first-of-its-kind promotion that focuses solely on female wrestlers. WOW also provides viewers with a family-friendly alternative that is unlike anything else on the market today, placing emphasis on strong athletes, character-driven storylines, and an enduring sense of fun, that keeps fans coming back for more as they cheer on their favorite Superheroes and boo their favorite villains.

WOW-Women Of Wrestling, the premier women’s wrestling organization, is fueled by a championship pedigree that includes Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss; wrestling icon and the creator of GLOW, DavidMcLane; television trailblazer Mark Burnett, President of MGM Television and Digital Group; and Mark Cuban’s AXS TV. AXS TV is the exclusive broadcast home for the new WOW events.

WOW makes its network debut on Friday, January 18, at 9pE, kicking off an exciting season that puts the spotlight on the legendary WOW Superheroes. Each event features intense matches that blend hard-hitting action with the theatrical flair that has come to define the promotion over the years. WOW’s roster boasts over 30 highly skilled wrestlers—each with their own unique personalities and backstories inspired by the women behind the Superheroes—competing to win the coveted WOW World Championship. WOW Superheroes include third-generation superstar Tessa Blanchard, and reigning WOW Champion Santana Garrett; as well as The Beast, Stephy Slays, Jungle Grrrl, and original WOW favorite the Fabulous Lana Star; joined by talented WOW newcomers Faith The Lioness, Fire, and Princess Aussie. Wrestling royalty Shaul Guerrero will serve as ring announcer for each event.

All matches are produced by David McLane, the beloved ring commentator and impresario behind the iconic ‘80s TV series GLOW “Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.” McLane brings his trademark voice to each event, providing insightful ringside commentary with play-by-play announcer Stephen Dickey and color analyst Eleanor Kerrigan. WOW represents a true labor of love for both McLane and Buss, and is a culmination of McLane’s 32-year vision to bring female-driven professional wrestling to the forefront. In direct contrast to its competitors, WOW fosters an inclusive environment emphasizing muscles over models, welcoming women of all builds and backgrounds, and celebrating their power and strength.

WOW is the first promotion to put the focus solely on female wrestlers in all aspects—from storytelling and marketing, to the wrestling ring itself—and is the perfect complement to a modern era where female athletes are honored and respected like never before. Interest in female wrestling has increased in recent years on the strength of the popular Netflix seriesGLOW, which McLane credits for helping to bring awareness to the sport, and showcasing the passion and sisterhood of women wrestlers. Now, viewers can experience these real-life superheroes in all their glory, inspiring fans across the world as they put their incredible skills on full display.