Baker Mayfield Blasts Antonio Brown in Instagram Post

Baker Mayfield blasts Antonio Brown on Instagram

Baker Mayfield blasts Antonio Brown on Instagram

Antonio Brown is perhaps the most toxic sports name in the world at the moment as the embattled former NFL wide receiver is collaterally abhorred for his brutal demise from pro football.

But now, even Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, who has often spent much time himself in front of the same media firing squad as AB, is finding ways to dance on Brown's grave.

Mayfield posted on his official Instagram page on Friday a picture of himself at a press conference while in college at Oklahoma with a clichéd caption of "Just some undersized walk On... Keep that same energy."

An antagonistic user then commented on Mayfield's post saying "Win football games. That speaks louder than these AB’ish style posts."

That's when Mayfield uncorked one of his coveted Baker Bombs, firing back at a defenseless Brown and replying "You’re right… Let me call out my teammates and throw a fit about my helmet, then go freeze my feet off.”

Baker better watch out, this came just a day after Brown and NFL veteran safety Eric Weddle came to blows on Twitter, with the two Pro Bowlers trading bizarre barbs on Twitter, with Brown even uploading a picture of him stiff arming Weddle down to the ground. Don't mess with AB on social media!