After Deleting 'F**k NFL' Tweet, Antonio Brown Says He Wants Contract ASAP

Antonio Brown partook in a rare reversal of emotions on Thursday that had Brown FINALLY making a statement on social media that appeared to contain a sliver of clear-headed, mature, and contrite admissions… And also with a little less grammatical errors than usual.

Well, with tens of millions of dollars on the line and a dwindling football career hanging in the balance, it was about time that Brown used his social media account to do something other than eviscerate any chance he has at every playing football again.

This was just hours after Brown proudly blasted the NFL on Twitter, saying in a tweet 'Imagine conforming to a system giving it a 100 percent to see them treat me like this is unfairly! Making money off my sweat and blood. F**k the NFL. I’ll never play in that S**t. Treat black people the worse! Clear my name and go F**k yourself.'

The profanity laced tweet was just a week before Brown was supposedly scheduled to meet with the league to discuss his side of the story regarding the two sexual assault allegations that were levied against Brown this summer.

Either Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus or someone else in his entourage finally told Brown enough was enough, and the anti-NFL blast was deleted off his Twitter and Instagram pages, with another redacted version that certainly reads easier on the eyes in the minds of inquiring NFL teams.

Brown tweeted 'I’m just very frustrated right now with the false allegations and slander to my name. I love football and I miss it. I just want to play and I’m very emotional about that. I’m determined to make my way back to the NFL ASAP.'

ESPN had been reporting that a handful of teams were waiting on the NFL’s investigation to wrap up, and would still be very interested in acquiring Brown if the legitimacy of the allegations began to unravel.

Brown’s name has been dragged through the mud for months for a wide array of reasons other than his nuclear detonation with the Raiders. He’s being sued by his former landlord, former chef, and former trainer, but his main problems reside in his two unsightly allegations of sexual misconduct. Both non-criminal at this point.

His former trainer alleged in a civil lawsuit that Brown raped her, and another woman who was an artist painting a mural at Brown’s home at the time, alleged sexual misconduct by Brown when he apparently stood before her fully nude while she was painting, holding just a towel over his genitals. The woman also alleges Brown and another woman had sex while she was still in the room.

Brown is 31 years old and had four catches for 56 yards in his one game played with the Patriots in Week 2, including a 20-yard touchdown reception from Tom Brady against the Miami Dolphins.

Antonio Brown's Instagram

Antonio Brown's Instagram