Dan Patrick: Astros Stars Need to 'Be a Man' and Own Up to Cheating Scandal

Dan Patrick: “None of these players have stepped up and said anything… A manager and GM have been stung by this and meanwhile the players got away unscathed. That’s where the media and the court of public opinion has a problem with this. The players got away with his. Be a man and stand in front of a camera and say ‘Look, we did it, we’re not proud about it, and I’m sorry that we lost a manager and a GM.’ All they had to do was hold a one-time only press conference where they talk about this, admit they made a mistake, penalties were levied, jobs were lost, they learned from this, and then move forward. I’d like to hear from guys who looove to talk all the time – Justin Verlander, Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve. They were always in front of a camera. You’ve got immunity so at least face the fire and be fair to those who lost their jobs and to your fan base who can at least understand. There is going to be an asterisk next to the Astros and there should be, and I have no problem if baseball wants to take away that World Series. To totally exonerate these players? I have an issue with that, and I think they cheated to win a World Series and it’s a bad precedent.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick explain why he thinks Houston Astros players need to ‘be a man’ and go public about their misgivings related to one of the biggest scandals in sports history, as a sign-stealing scandal that at one time seemed like a comical baseball conspiracy, turned out to be an elaborate and clandestine cheating operation that spanned every rank in the organization.

Check out the video above as Dan not only explains why he believes the Astros should have had their World Series stripped, but also how the MLB’s mild punishment sets an awful precedent, saying a ton of players would have signed up for that ride if they knew they would never be directly punished for it.

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