Doug Gottlieb: Bill Belichick's 4-5 Record is Better than His 16-0 Season

Doug Gottlieb: “Bill Belichick’s team is 4-5 on the year… This is a team who didn’t just lose their Hall of Fame quarterback, they lost 8 players to opt-outs, and Julian Edelman is gone for the year after having knee surgery. Stephon Gilmore, their best player, hasn’t played the past three weeks. Cam Newton hasn’t been particularly good, and by his own admission he’s been terrible. And yet here you sit with four wins when everyone is gunning for the Patriots to make them pay for the 20 years of misery that they have placed on the rest of the league… Outside of the Jets, you’d be hard-pressed to find a roster that is worse than theirs… Regardless of the Super Bowls, what Belichick is doing with this Patriots roster is that of the greatest coaching job that he’s ever done, and he had a team who went 18-0 and lost on a couple fluky plays in the Super Bowl. This is a better coaching job. I bet if you asked him he would say the exact same thing.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks the Patriots’ 2020 season is the greatest coaching performance of Bill Belichick's career, as Doug says that New England’s 4-5 record with this depleted roster is even more impressive than his 18-0 season in 2007 before losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why Belichick is proving exactly why he’s considered the greatest coach of all time.

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