Why the Lakers Have No Chance to Win the NBA Finals this Season

Ben Maller: “The knowledgeable basketball fan knows that this was expected, and if you didn’t expect this we tried to warn you. We got a kick out of the Lakers historians that were trying to talk trash about THIS team. This is NOT a team you brag about, and a team you don’t talk much about. We tried to tell you but you wouldn’t listen. The Lakers are a FLAWED team and they were as advertised last night. They were trying to win with an outdated business model. The Lakers are old and antiquated technology. You can just dismiss this and say ‘it’s only one game’, but you should EXPECT this. This is a foreshock and a warning sign of things to come for LeBron and friends. LeBron James and Anthony Davis got big stat lines and nobody else on the Lakers did a damn thing. The komodo dragon in the room is Russell Westbrook, the highly ‘celebrated’ transaction from the Washington Wizards. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and last night – holy cannoli. The man who has defined ‘stat bandit’ was TRASH… If this is going to be the new normal in Laker land, when does Frank Vogel get fired?? LeBron can’t blame the GM because he IS the GM. He’s the puppeteer and these are LeBron’s moves. Rondo is DONE. I saw it on the Clippers, he can’t play anymore. Carmelo Anthony hasn’t been able to play in ten years. Dwight Howard just bounces from team to team. Avery Bradley?? LeBron James is playing NBA2K11. Bad job by him but it’s great for the rest of the NBA because wait until the excuses start.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks the 0-1 Los Angeles Lakers are already dead in the water, as Maller details why he tried to tell you before the season that this team had zero shot to win the NBA Finals.

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