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The Bengals Need to Shut Joe Burrow Down Until He is 100% Healthy

Photo: Getty Images

Chris Broussard: "If it comes down to the Bengals not making the playoffs this year because he misses the next 3 weeks and they start 1-4, then you have to sacrifice this season. I would rather do that if I'm the Bengals, and have him ready and healthy for next year and going forward, than to put him out there risking more serious injury, and now you compromise next season as well."
Rob Parker: "I get why people don't want to give up a season, but you might have to just because it could get even worse and you end up losing 2 seasons. You might have to give up one season, you can't give up 2."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Joe Burrow aggravating his calf injury. The guys agree that the Bengals should shut down their star quarterback immediately and rest him until he is completely healthy. The guys break down why sacrificing one season for the sake of the future of Burrow and the Bengals may be worth the cost for the long run.