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Rob Parker: "The Jets Are The Worst Franchise in American Sports"

Photo: Bryan Bennett

Rob Parker: "Aaron Rodgers was hurt 4 plays into the season, and they ignored it! 'Go get a damn quarterback,' I said it week after week after week. And now you're going to make a change?! THE JETS ARE THE WORST FRANCHISE IN AMERICAN SPORTS. Right here, right now, the worst! They're worse than the Detroit Lions! I don't care if they won a Super Bowl in 1969, I'm revoking that championship! If Joe Namath can't remember it, I can't remember it either! 12 years without making the playoffs, one winning season since 2011. They finished last place in the AFC East in 7 of the last 9 years. That putrid smell that you smell is the Jets!"

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the Jets finally benching Zach Wilson. Rob rips the entire franchise for the long run of failure and lays into them for sticking by their mistake in Zach Wilson for way too long.