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Mike Gundy Gave An Awful Response to Ollie Gordon's DUI

Photo: Chris Coduto

Doug Gottlieb: "The response is 180 degrees in the wrong direction of anyone who has any sort of pulse of what the response should be. I can't be friends with you if I can't share that that response was way off. It doesn't mean I wouldn't consider Mike Gundy a friend, and I wouldn't stand up for him and say that he's done a thousand amazing things since being the coach at Oklahoma State, including turning around the team last year. He's about the right things, but this is wrong. What year is this? These are not things to be celebrated."

Doug Gottlieb rips Oklahoma State HC Mike Gundy's response to his star running back Ollie Gordon being arrested for a DUI. Doug breaks down why Gundy gave a horrible response, as he seemingly gave excuses for drunk driving, and blames Gordon for making such a dangerous, irresponsible decision.