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Why Isn't There As Much Excitement Around Team USA Basketball This Year?

Photo: Ethan Miller

Mike Harmon and Jason Fitz (in for Jason Smith) react live as Team USA basketball takes on Team Canada in the first of six pre-Olympics scrimmage games. This spawns a discussion surrounding Team USA basketball and why this year's Olympic team just doesn't seem to have the same hype and intrigue surrounding it as years' past, despite being one of the more talented rosters.

Jason Fitz: "Do you feel like there's a little less hype around [Team USA and the Olympics]?... All of this feels like a very slow lead into something that does not have the usual hype that I expect."
Mike Harmon: "I think part of it is that we don't have that same blind spot that we did all those years ago because we didn't see these guys [all the time]. There wasn't this fluidity and openness... We see these guys play a lot, and then we watch as they move between teams a lot. Now seeing them team up just doesn't have that same juice that it did once upon a time. Like [the intrigue of] these guys that don't like each other -- how are they gonna team up?... I don't think we're clamoring for it in the same way."